About Us

Our mission is to simplify and facilitate international eCommerce so that it is easily utilizable.


Our vision is to redefine the way the global community shops. In our view, consumer autonomy should be at the forefront of eCommerce hence why we provide dynamic eCommerce solutions for shoppers and businesses geared at independence. 

Our Brand

The world of eCommerce and logistics is increasingly hampered by rules and regulations thereby restricting the growth potential of businesses and economies alike. By taking a pro-trade approach we are able to provide solutions that are in tandem with the interests of individual shoppers and businesses with a special focus on service because execution matters to us. With such focus, we support our brand with operations designed to deliver quality and dependable service.


We believe in consumer empowerment, transparency and adaptability. For these reasons, we constantly seek to push the boundary by questioning the status quo in the environment we work in. As a result, we have carefully structured our business to allow our consumers to leverage technology which provides solutions for their shopping and eCommerce needs ranging from payment to storage and shipping solutions. Our strength in our beliefs and what we do positions us at the forefront of creating and delivering essential results that will continually make life easier for the consumer.


Strategic partnerships and synergy ensures our dependability, reach and quality of eCommerce solutions in cross border shipping. Covering the ground we do is important to us which is why we opt to work with the best in the business.