Florida Sales Tax Holiday!

For one weekend only, you can take a break on sales tax opening the door to several buying opportunities. Gadgets under $750 like laptops, tablets, keyboards, speakers, headphones and accessories […]

Back-to-School Essentials

Want to know the best strategies for back-to-school shopping? Staying organized, sticking to the essentials, keeping an eye on those promotions and of course, your Brinkbridge account. Planning ahead and […]

Shop 4th of July Sales in the USA Too!

As the U.S celebrates its 241 years of independence, some well established traditions will take place during this event. Many will embrace the outdoors, have picnics, barbecues and most certainly […]

Pay Without Restrictions – Assisted Shopping

Cross border payments can be difficult at times because not all retailers accept international credit and debit cards. International cards carry an increased risk and expose merchants to forex fluctuations […]