Women’s Fashion – Staying In Style Without Breaking the Bank

Frugal: Adj. Sparing or economical with regard to money or food.

110% not a synonym for fashionable, right? I thought so too. For most of my teenage years I so very much wanted to look like the models in Seventeen magazine. Everything about them, their hair, makeup and clothes, was so fabulous and all I wanted was to wear the clothes that they wore. I would memorize the patterns and cuts of the clothes and run to the mall and pray that I could find the latest American fashion in Rio de Janeiro. Most of the time the joke was on me, the American fashion was not necessarily prêt-à-porter at the local mall.

As I grew older and fully appreciated the wonder that was the sales rack, I realized I could look just as good as those Seventeen models, for so much less. Eventually, I moved to the United States of America for college, and my whole world changed. When I wasn’t cracking open books on fashion merchandising and statistics, I learned about Marshall’s, Target, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, brand name’s sales sections, and eventually online shopping.

The savvier I got, the more my wardrobe expanded from preppy to versatile business casual and beyond. Despite what most people think of Ann Taylor, it is arguably one of the classiest, fun and affordable brands for young professionals and college graduates alike. The prints, colors, accessories, and clothes are so much fun and easy to wear. Check out a few pieces I put together from Ann Taylor.

What’s better about Ann Taylor? Their sales section. Ann Taylor has taken me from my graduate assistantship to my nine to five job to drinks with the ladies; and all I had to change was my lipstick color. Don’t worry, they have jeans and casual wear to spare too. They are literally, a one stop shop and with your Brinkbridge address. You can shop several sections and selections, consolidate and ship to your doorstep in any country as one package including West African countries like Ghana and Nigeria.

If you aren’t really convinced on Ann Taylor and their pricing (I was there once as well), there's a more pop culture sensitive obsession: Fashion Nova. My best friend now in law school first introduced me to the brand. Then I heard about it again through the Kardashian Jenner clan, and then again from Cardi B. Naturally, this sparked my curiosity and made it a mission to find out why everyone, including why my very picky best friend, were so in love with the brand. I had to see for myself why the kurvacious kueens and my girl Cardi promoted the brand so much. So, I caved, but went directly to the (very impressive) sales tab. Not too long after I was $95 in, with five different items and had free two-day US shipping. My life was soon to change. For all international shoppers reading this, Brinkbridge has you covered. Simply register for an account and receive a free US address to take advantage of these unmissable deals.

When I got my first shipment in, I was instantly in love and completely understood why there was so much hype for the online retailer. Not only are there pages, and pages of different apparel that can suit any style and body type, but they also had phenomenal prices. So, I caved, again… and then again.

But hey! Frugal has become my second favorite f-word.

To discover new stores and help broaden your style options, visit the Brinkbridge store directory page with over 200 online stores listed. New stores are added often so be sure to visit frequently to stay on top of it! 


Frugal: Adj. Sparing or economical with regard to money or food. (And sometimes fashion)