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How do I know when my package arrives at my Brinkbridge address?

Accepted packages are processed and notifications are sent within 24 hours after they arrive at our facility.


What happens if you change your mind about a package or need an exchange?

If the package you wish to return is still being held at our facility, it will be considered a domestic return. We are able to assist you with domestic returns, however, you’ll need to contact the merchant and arrange the return or exchange. When ready, contact returns@brinkbridge.com with details of the package you wish to return. View more information on our returns policy under our terms of service.

What if the package has already left the Brinkbridge facility?

Packages en route for delivery cannot be reversed. You’ll have to wait to receive the package and contact the retailer directly. At this time we do not assist with international returns. With our photo verification service you can reduce the need for international returns by previewing the package before shipping.

What happens if I leave my package?

Packages left at our facility without guidance from you are placed in storage which you are billed for on a daily basis as stipulated by the sovereign terms. We will send out a courtesy notification before your free storage period expires either to your dashboard or via email which you are solely responsible for action or response. We will continue to hold your package for a further 45 days during which reminders will periodically be sent via email or dashboard notification. If no action is taken after 45 days, we will consider the package abandoned and dispose of it within the boundaries of the law.

Will there be anything left to pay if my package is considered abandoned?

No, but frequent package abandonment may result in account termination.

What happens to consolidations if merchant delivery is delayed?

We will hold your consolidated package for the duration of your free storage period. This period begins from the date we received your first package. Once we receive the delayed package, it is included with consolidated packages and prepared for delivery. If more time is needed, your packages will be placed in storage and billed in accordance with your account plan.

Which currency is used for payments?

Brinkbridge payments are made in United States Dollar (USD). No need to worry if your account is not in USD, we charge the equivalent in your currency based on the forex exchange rate. Since you’re shopping in the U.S., retailers are also likely to charge you in USD.

Is there a fee for assisted shopping?

Yes. Premium users pay a flat fee of $5 per order whereas Basic users pay a flat fee of $10 per order.

Where can I use the assisted shopping?

Retailers who won’t accept your method of payment or cards issued by banks outside their home country.

How long does it take to fulfill an assisted shopping order?

Orders are reviewed and approved within 24 hours. When the order is fulfilled, a notification is sent via dashboard and email. 

What type of products can I purchase with the assisted shopping service?

You can purchase all products so long as they are not virtual goods or goods on the ‘Do Not Ship’ list. Please see Restrictions for this list.

With assisted shopping is there an order limit?

Orders of the same specifications have no quantity limit. However, orders with multiple specifications such as different SKU/unit numbers, color, description etc. must be placed independently even if it’s from the same vendor. These orders are treated as independent orders.

What happens when there is a price difference in my assisted shopping order?

Orders with a price difference more than 2% of what you authorized will not be completed. The order will be cancelled and you will be notified of this via email and dashboard.

Can I cancel or adjust an assisted shopping order after placing the request?

We do not offer cancellations or adjustment to orders. Please be certain you want to purchase the items you request assistance with.

What is the weight limit for a shipment?

Weight limit on all shipments is 150 lb. due to carrier restrictions.

How do I convert kilograms to pounds?

Multiply the number of kilograms by 2.20462. Therefore, 5 kg = 11.02 lb. (5 x 2.20462)

How do I convert pounds to ounces?

Multiply the number of pounds by 16. Therefore, 2 lb. = 32 oz (2 x 16)

Why can I not take action on a package when the status is in consolidate or consolidated?

Packages in consolidate or consolidated have been or are in the process of being added to another package. A new package will be created to reflect the consolidation. The status of the newly consolidated package will be posted to your dashboard as ‘Action Needed’.

How long does consolidation take?

We make every effort to consolidate and update package status within 24 hours.

My delivery estimate is not available. How long will it take to deliver my package?

Delivery estimates marked ‘not available’ could take up to 21 days depending on terrain, weather, size and weight of package. Our carriers nonetheless, make every effort to deliver packages as quickly as possible and are sometimes delivered much earlier than the estimated 21 days. Please be aware this is only an estimate and not a guarantee.

What happens if I accidentally purchase a restricted item for shipment?

We will advise you of our inability to ship items on the ‘Do Not Ship’ list which are not illegal (e.g. hover board). You will be responsible to arrange return shipment to the merchant or delivery to an alternate domestic address. Illegal items on the ‘Do Not Ship’ list (e.g. narcotics & hard substances) will be quarantined and subject to confiscation by the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Can I ship colognes and perfumes?

Due to safety concerns, we currently do not allow the shipment of cologne or perfumes regardless of the size.

Can you refuse package delivery on my behalf?

When packages first arrive at our facility, we inspect primarily for visible external damage prior to acceptance. Packages with visible external damage will be rejected when delivered. We will notify you of this. We do not screen for package refusal requests at the time of package arrival due to volume so we cannot refuse a package delivery on your behalf.

How do I estimate my package size when using the shipping calculator?

Retailers usually provide the dimensions of the product in the description or specification. Using these dimensions usually will get you a close estimate. In cases where the retailer does not provide this online, we encourage you to contact the merchant to obtain the product/package dimensions. Alternatively, when packages arrive at our facility, we measure and post this information to your dashboard under 'Packages'.

What is Item Repackaging?

Our repackaging service is a free and optional service you can toggle on or off under account settings. Retailers sometimes overstuff packages making them bulky while others are inadequately packed making them costly to ship. With our repackaging service, we identify bulky or inadequately packed items that can be packed efficiently to reduce shipping costs. This typically saves about 10-15% in shipping expenses. We do not repack fragile items, car parts, specially branded packages including but not restricted to shoes, clothing and accessories, laptops and computers or items that have already been shrink wrapped.

Can you open my product to inspect the quality of the item for me?

No. However, photos of the outside of your package and content inside are delivered to your Premium account dashboard to help you verify the product. We also verify content of package for customs declaration at this time. Due to liability concerns, the inner lining, wrapper or seal of a package is never opened.

Are membership fees billed monthly or annually?

Membership fees are billed annually, on the first day of service. This does not include any trial periods since it's free.

What is the handling discount?

The handling discount is a 30% discount on the effective handling rate.  

What is the effective handling rate?

The effective handling rate is 10% of the shipping rate automatically factored into returned estimates. This covers package processing and document preparation according to international customs standards.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Yes. If you are currently thinking of trying our basic service because you are an occasional shopper or just don’t want to be on a paid plan, go right ahead! We’re quite positive you’ll love us and eventually end up on our premium service. We’ll even honor any promotion that was available when you first signed up on the basic plan.

Will I lose anything when I upgrade?

Of course not! In fact, you will not only gain access to some great stuff by upgrading but you’ll be saving yourself quite a bit of money as well since all services on the premium membership are heavily discounted, if not already free.

What happens during the trial period?

During the trial period of your premium membership, your card is not charged while you have access to all our premium features. Basically, you're treated like royalty for free!

What if my basic membership account is inactive for 12 months?

We are not like other companies, we do not charge an inactivation or termination fee. Your account will only be deactivated if you do not log in for 12 consecutive months. We're hoping this is not the case but don’t worry, you can always reactivate just by logging in.

Any discounts for non-profits?

Part of our mission is to facilitate international eCommerce in hopes of making the world a better place and we understand you have a commitment to help others too. For this reason, we’ve got you covered too! We offer a 50% discount on our premium memberships fees to non-profit/educational organizations. You'll need to email support@brinkbridge.com from your official email with the following information to receive this discount. Your website, ‘.org’ or ‘.edu’ email, and a document certifying your non-profit status. Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis so please allow us some time as we work try to get you set up as quickly as possible. Only applicable to non-commercial, non governmental and non-religious organizations. 

If you still have questions, please contact us via our Support page and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.