How It Works

How Brinkbridge Works

Our solutions allow you to shop with confidence even when the merchant does not ship overseas to your country. Unlock the shackles of cross border shopping by creating a Brinkbridge account and receive your very own US shipping address and virtual box. Gain access to the exclusives you've been missing out on today!

Register For An Account

On all plans, account registration is free. Once you sign up, you'll immediately be given a unique and free US address which you can use at your favorite brands during checkout.

Shop Your Brands

Shop the deals you've been missing out on. With our consolidation and storage services you can take advantage of sweet sale prices from several stores and ship as one package. If your card isn't accepted by the merchant, use our assisted shopping services and we'll purchase the item on your behalf.


Route Your Shipping

Ship your parcels to your Brinkbridge address which can be found in your dashboard once you sign in. When your package arrives at our facility, we'll notify you via email and dashboard alerts before processing your package for international delivery.

Package Delivery

Once you opt to release a package for shipment, we'll forward the item using your preferred method of shipment. All you need to do is sit back and relax while we deliver your package overseas.