Prohibited Items for Export

Under U.S rules and regulations, certain items are prohibited for export. For legal compliance and safety reasons, Brinkbridge cannot deliver items on this 'Do Not Ship' list, nor can we deliver to countries under U.S embargo restrictions.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with items or countries on this list before you shop.

  • Meals Ready to Eat (MRE/Frozen Foods)
  • Self-balancing boards (hover-boards)
  • Firearms, guns & accessories (includes replicas)
  • BB/pellet/air-soft/paintball guns, parts & projectiles
  • Ammunition, magazines, bayonets & sharp objects (includes axe, darts, bow & arrow etc.)
  • Stun guns, batons & tasers
  • Tear gas, pepper spray & mace
  • Gas masks & gas mask filters
  • Law enforcement striking weapons (includes saps, billy clubs & batons)
  • Handcuffs of any material (includes straitjackets & plastic zip tie restraints)
  • Body armor, helmets or personal protection articles armored with kevlar or has ballistic ratings
  • Military/tactical/police shields
  • Government, police or military uniforms, badges/IDs (real or replica)
  • Military training equipment
  • Military and/or dual-use flight helmets/jumpsuits
  • Military & law enforcement equipment
  • Thermal imaging, infrared or other night vision devices (includes binoculars & goggles)
  • Rifle scopes, laser pointing & aiming devices for firearms
  • Defense articles controlled under the US Munitions List
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Oxidizing agents
  • Lab reagents
  • Lab biologics
  • Lab cultures
  • Medical specimen
  • Poisonous substances
  • Toxic substances, including inhalation hazards
  • Infectious substances
  • Fireworks & Explosives
  • Gun powder, flares or matches
  • Fuels of any kind (includes lighters containing fuel)
  • Prescription medications of any kind (includes vet & dental)
  • Prescription medical devices
  • Medical devices not FDA-approved
  • Hormones (i.e. pro-hormones, human growth hormones [HGH], stem cell treatments, steroids or synthetic versions)
  • Cosmetics unapproved or without appropriate FDA labelling or not labeled in English.
  • Non-prescription meds unapproved or without appropriate FDA labelling or not labeled in English.
  • Food unapproved or without appropriate FDA labelling or not labeled in English.
  • Dietary supplements unapproved or without appropriate FDA labelling or not labeled in English.
  • Self-propelled vehicles (includes home improvement and leisure equipments and vehicles)
  • Damaged batteries
  • Counterfeit/pirated products
  • Contraband or illegal substances
  • Alcohol beverages or products containing alcohol
  • Controlled substances & narcotics (includes synthetic cannabis)
  • Lottery tickets
  • Gambling devices & accessories
  • Lock picking devices
  • Rough diamonds
  • Cash
  • Rare coins
  • Loose precious stones
  • Live or dead insects or animals
  • Human remains or parts
  • Coral
  • Brazilian rosewood
  • Sturgeon or Beluga caviar
  • Cigar, cigarettes, tobacco & tobacco products
  • Wildlife
  • Agricultural products (includes certain seeds, live or dead plants/animals, unfinished or untreated wood & soil)
  • Perishable Products (includes fresh flowers and live bait)
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides
  • Radioactive products (includes radioactive elements)
  • Objects, materials, substances or chemicals that cannot be identified

*While this list is detailed, it is not exhaustive. It is your responsibility as an exporter to be aware of items restricted for export by the U.S and those restricted for import to your home country. Visit Country Guide for help on import restrictions by country.

Restricted Countries

Under U.S trade embargo laws, Brinkbridge cannot deliver to the following countries.

North Korea