Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

1. Introduction

Thank you for choosing Brinkbridge! We hope you enjoy using our services. This is your user agreement. The terms of service explains Brinkbridge’s commitment to you and your commitment to Brinkbridge. These terms govern your use of the Brinkbridge website, your Brinkbridge account and the services provided to you. By registering for an account or otherwise using our services, you are entering into a binding contract with Brinkbridge on behalf of yourself and/or entity you represent. Clicking “Create Account” when registering for an account, is regarded as an electronic signature equivalent to a hard copy signature and therefore acknowledge that you have read and will comply with these terms of service.

Your acknowledgement also consents to Brinkbridge’s Privacy Policy as outlined. Brinkbridge LLC and the website brinkbridge.com and subdomains (hereinafter “Brinkbridge”, “Company”, “Website”, “We”, “Us” or “Our”) are based in the United States of America and as such is under sovereign jurisdiction control with regards to the exports of products and services. Brinkbridge reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, or otherwise alter these Terms of Service. A notice will be sent to your dashboard, email or both, but will be your responsibility to review the revised Terms of Service periodically as continued use of Our services will constitute your acceptance of any revised terms. Should the revised Terms of Service conflict with your interests, you are free to contact Us via email, however, be advised that your only option may be to discontinue using Brinkbridge’s services.

Please read this agreement carefully as it covers important information about the services We provide you and any charges and fees that We may bill you.

Use of Account
2. Your Account, Our Guidelines

To use the Brinkbridge service, you are required to register for an account with a current, valid email address, your name and a secure password which should not be shared with anyone not associated with the account. You may not create or use more than one account. Your US shipping address will only be made available to you after you complete your profile information in your dashboard which includes your home forwarding address. You certify that the information you provide is accurate and will be updated in a prompt manner should any changes arise.

You also agree to abide by the following guidelines while on Our properties :

  • You may not falsify any information provided. This includes but is not limited to account registration, billing, package and shipping information, support information or claims.
  • You may not publicly slander, post or use abusive, offensive or inflammatory language that infringe on the rights of other users or the Company.
  • Unless otherwise explicitly authorized, you may not access or attempt to access files, accounts, servers, data, network or environment related to Brinkbridge and Brinkbridge technology.
  • Circumventing any technology used by Brinkbridge, its licensors or any third party is never permitted.
  • You may not attack, attempt to attack, upload or attempt to upload malicious content to Our Website or application. This includes but is not restricted to viruses, trojan worms and denial-of-service attacks (DOS attack).
  • You may only use your Brinkbridge address for shipping physical products you purchase from vendors.
2.1 Age Warranty

By registering for an account you certify that you are (1) at least 18 or of legal age of majority in your country,  (2) have the permission or power to enter a binding agreement with Us and not be barred from doing so under any applicable laws, (3) use Brinkbridge Services within the restrictions of the law and these terms.

2.2 Account Termination

We reserve the right to cancel an account for a number of reasons including but not limited to accounts with inaccurate or unverifiable information, breach of account guidelines, one that has been inactive for a lengthy period of time, compromised or with any fraudulent activity detected by Brinkbridge. 

2.2.1 Breached Account

You are solely responsible for any use of the Website and your account made under your log in and password and as such may not transfer your account or log in credentials to any other person. By creating an account, you agree to safeguard the credentials of the account. If for any reason you suspect or believe that your account has been breached, notify the Brinkbridge Support team immediately. We will take precautionary measures to shut down your account. We do however reserve the right not to re-issue you a new account.

3. Privacy & Data Protection

We collect non-personally identifiable information (such as device type, browser type, language preference, referring site, date and time of each visit, request, etc.) and personally identifiable information as referenced in Section 2. (like IP address, email, username, password, etc) to help customize and improve your experience while on Our Website. Information related to billing is never stored as it is securely passed and processed in real time a third party partner. Details of Our privacy protection practices is outlined in Our Privacy Policy. If you object to this, please refrain from using Our services.

4. Application & Website

Use of the Website and Our services requires that neither will be used in or for illegal activities. We reserve the right to cancel any account or restrict access to anyone that We have cause to believe is in violation of these terms. You may also not reverse engineer or commercially exploit in any shape or form any aspect of the Website or application. Use of the Website and application is solely for personal purposes or for use by the business entity you represent. For resale of goods and products received through Brinkbridge, you agree to abide by all merchant rules, restrictions and regulation regarding importation for resale.

5. Intellectual Property

Brinkbridge respects intellectual property rights and expects you to do the same. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to respect the laws protecting the Brinkbridge Website, application and underlying software, graphic user interface, trade secrets, methodology, brand and brand image.

Products & Services
6. Assisted Shopping

Use of Our Assisted Shopping service is under the premise that the merchant does not or will not accept your method of payment. Purchases made through the Assisted Shopping service are made on your behalf with your address and user information provided in profile section of your account. Purchases are strictly based on the information and instruction you provide in the request and therefore cannot for any reason hold Brinkbridge or any member of the Company liable. Orders are subject to the conditions stated under Section 6.1. Any discrepancies with products purchased through the Assisted Shopping service must be taken up with the merchant as We do not provide any guarantees or warranty on the products. The sole purpose of the Assisted Shopping service is to make payments on your behalf. We do not sell products and as such will never make any representations, warranties or guarantees on the quality of the products you purchase either through Our Assisted Shopping services or independently. Brinkbridge will not act as a liaison between the merchant and you as the buyer. All communication regarding a product is your responsibility to oversee; includes but not limited to product selection, returns and exchanges. Brinkbridge is relieved of any liability caused by merchants who are unable to deliver products to Our warehouse, sell you bad or damaged products, products that may have caused injury at any point in manufacturing, distribution and delivery, or products that simply failed to live up to your projections.

6.1. Assisted Shopping Purchase Conditions

Users must complete all required sections in the Assisted Shopping Form before submitting the request.

  • The information provided in the form must precisely identify a specific product (i.e. item name and description, price, color if applicable, size if applicable, quantity, stock keeping unit; SKU number, merchant delivery fees) and any special instructions or promotional codes that may apply.
  • Submitted requests cannot be altered or cancelled.
  • Multiple orders placed in one submission will result in the cancellation of the request. 
  • Sufficient funds must be provided for the purchase within 48 hours after initial contact from a Brinkbridge representative. Funds must cover the cost of the item, local tax and domestic shipping if applicable).
  • Payments made with credit cards must be made with a valid card Brinkbridge has previously charged.
  • Products purchased through Assisted Shopping cannot be returned.
  • An order will be cancelled if it is included on the United States “Do Not Ship” list.
  • Requests with items that are out of stock will be cancelled.
7. Shipping Calculator

The shipping calculator is a proprietary Brinkbridge software with the purpose of providing shipping estimates. While the software is designed to return the closest possible charge, the resulting quotes provided may sometimes vary from the actual rates due to several factors, including but not limited to duty, taxes, fuel surcharge, forex fluctuation, item value, item classification, package size, weight and destination address. The calculator is designed to include the appropriate handling rate in the estimates returned based on the membership type. Charges at the time of package shipment reflect the most accurate fees owed to Brinkbridge. Information regarding fees owed is always provided under Package & Invoice.

8. Consolidation

Package consolidation is a service provided at the request of the user. Depending on the content of the packages We may decline to consolidate items. Due to external risks and safety reasons, items marked fragile or susceptible to breakage cannot be combined during consolidation and must be shipped separately. The inner lining, wrapper or seal of consolidated packages is never opened and We therefore cannot be liable for discrepancies in products that are consolidated.  Any disparity must be taken up with the merchant. Users are afforded a courtesy holding period for consolidation equivalent to the storage time offered on each account type. Packages held beyond the courtesy period are considered to be under extended storage and are treated accordingly (see Section 9.1 for extended storage details).

9. Storage

Based on the membership plan, users are entitled to a courtesy storage period (10 days on basic, 30 days on premium) for each package. Dashboard notifications and emails are sent prior to expiration of your courtesy period.

9.1. Extended Storage

Packages still held at Our warehouse after the courtesy period will be charged $5 per day, due at the time of shipment. All packages are held in extended storage for a total of 45 days. Dashboard notifications and emails will be sent before the end of your 45 day period. Failure to claim packages by the end of the collective storage period (i.e. courtesy storage period + 45 day) will deem your package forsaken thereby resulting in the lawful disposal of your package.

10. Packages

When packages arrive at the Brinkbridge warehouse, We will accept them and send you a notification via email and dashboard. Once notified, you will have the duration of your free storage period to instruct us of the next course of action; which will be either to ship, consolidate, or place your package in extended storage. Information regarding the arrival condition, dimensions and weight about your package will be provided to give you an accurate estimate of your shipping cost. For safety reasons, Brinkbridge reserves and exercises the right to open and inspect packages at any point prior to export (i.e. at arrival, consolidation, storage and extended storage, export processing).

At arrival, Brinkbridge reserves the right not to accept the following packages:

  • Visible damage to the product
  • Items on the “Do Not Ship” list.
  • Documents or items of zero value (regular mail) ; these will be destroyed within the limits of the law.
  • Cash On Delivery (COD) packages

We will inform you of packages with visible damage or defect to the product at which point, you will be responsible for contacting the merchant and arranging an exchange. See Returns & Exchange Policy 10.3. Packages on the “Do Not Ship” list with inclination to contraband laws (guns, marijuana and illicit substances) will be subject to inspection and seizure by the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Brinkbridge will not be held liable for packages lost or damaged in transit from the merchant to your Brinkbridge address.

You consent to and promise to abide by the following package guidelines:

  • You will not send, attempt to send items on the ‘Do Not Ship’ list to your Brinkbridge address.
  • You will not attempt to receive items on the ‘Do Not Ship’ list using Brinkbridge services.
  • Items identified and prohibited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) or other organization/agency will not be sent to your Brinkbridge address for delivery of any reason.
  • You will adhere to all import and export laws and regulation pertinent to you.
  • You will not repurpose any export shipment made by Brinkbridge in good faith for countries currently under US embargo sanctions.
10.1. Package-User Mismatch

Brinkbridge will hold packages that cannot be matched to a recipient for 75 days. After this time, the package will be lawfully disposed. If expecting a domestic delivery to your unique address and have not received an arrival notice from Us after merchant delivery confirmation, contact Brinkbridge Support. Extensive detail about the product and origin will be needed to identify the product.

Administrative charges will be levied for unidentifiable packages if:

  • Package was wrongly addressed.
  • Package was inadequately addressed
10.2. Repackaging

Depending on the contents of a package, size, volume and user preference, We may repack an item to reduce mass in line with Our policy to save the user money. The inner lining, wrapper or seal of a package is never opened. We also do not repack specially branded packages including but not restricted to shoes, clothing and accessories, laptops and computers or items that have already been shrink wrapped. Car and auto-parts, as well as packages marked fragile or with contents that are easily broken or damaged are also not repackaged.

10.3. Returns & Exchange Policy

It is your responsibility to ensure that all processing and refunds associated with the package is handled between you and the merchant. We do not take responsibility for any fees, time or weather constraints arising in the return of a package. You are solely responsible for any fees that arise in the processing and shipping of any return. Returns are subject to processing fees which must be paid before the package is returned to the merchant. Our domestic return policy stipulates that you need to make direct arrangements with the merchant as soon as possible for any return, refund or exchanges as directed by the terms and policies of the merchant. This typically includes obtaining a return authorization and in some cases return labels, which are all under your care to obtain. We do provide labels but are subject to domestic shipping charges at your expense. You must provide any information necessary to facilitate any return. All necessary information must be submitted to returns@brinkbridge.com. All returns are subject to a Brinkbridge processing fee.

Our international returns policy or returns that have already left Our facility stipulates that you will need to make direct arrangements with the merchant as soon as possible for any return, refund, or exchanges as dictated my the merchant’s terms and policies. Customers are likely to require a return authorization number from the merchant which is the customers responsibility to obtain. Please note that We are not obliged to assisted in international returns and will only assist on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to decline assistance during international returns. Also note that initial customs, duty and tax are not recoupable when returning packages internationally.

10.4 Claims

Claims for damage or loss of any package during transit must be to the delivering carrier. Claims made to Brinkbridge can only pertain to package handling & processing at Our warehouse. These claims must be made within 14 days of delivery. Failure to do so relinquishes Brinkbridge of any liability. To file a claim, download Our claims form or request one from claims@brinkbridge.com. All fields are required and must be filled out accurately. The claims form must be submitted with clear photos of the damaged package along with copies of receipts and all supporting export documents. Conceded cases of damaged packages relating to direct loss only will be reimbursed according to the limitations of the ICAO.

10.5 International Shipping

Packages will be processed and released for shipment after the total cost of shipment and additional service cost incurred during service period has been paid. The referred total cost will be displayed under Invoice, with a breakdown of invoice items listed. A link to the invoice is also displayed under packages when payment is due. Brinkbridge will arrange shipment to any country listed in Our country list and will deliver packages to the delivery address you have on file or specify for delivery. Shipping rate will include the Brinkbridge account appropriate handling fee. Packages for international shipment are also limited to 150 pounds (lb.) due to carrier restrictions.

11. Photo Verification

Photos of packages are provided to the user based on the membership level. Photos of the product will be taken and provided in good faith, during inspection of the package content. The inner lining, wrapper or seal of a package is never opened to provide a photo. Photos will be made available through the Brinkbridge web application, accessible through the Website.

12. Invoicing & Billing

Brinkbridge will provide you an invoice for all services rendered at the time of shipment request which you are responsible for payment; includes but not limited to shipping charges, handling, consolidation, extended storage and assisted purchase fees. Accurate information regarding the value of your package including domestic shipping value and content description are required for export and customs compliance. Packages with abnormal value information will prompt that you provide Brinkbridge with the merchant receipt but are solely responsible for declaring the truthful value and content of your package. Discrepancies in the value and content of your package will result in delay of delivery. You consent to and free Brinkbridge of any legal and financial liability that may arise from discrepancies regarding the value and content of your package. During import and export, customs may examine the contents or verify the value of your package. Any discordance during this process may result in additional duties, fees or fines at your expense. Packages may sometimes be subject to additional fees and taxes depending on how customs value the contents and may cause delays in delivery. You are responsible to pay this amount before package release. Outstanding invoice(s) or membership fees paid by card authorize Brinkbridge to charge the card the outstanding amount.

12.1 Membership Fees

Premium membership fees are charged to an authorized card annually on the first day of premium service. Cancellation of the Premium service takes the user off the billing cycle where the authorized card will not be charged at the time of membership renewal. The account will be restored to basic membership. Refunds for memberships are not provided at any point should the user decide to cancel the Premium membership. Premium memberships that are cancelled before a full year will have the option to resume subscription before the annual cycle is over and will continue to have access to all premium services until then.

13. Delivery

Packages are Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU). You are responsible to pay any incurring charges for duty at the time of delivery. Brinkbridge will make all possible attempts to support Our carriers delivery schedule. However, barring any complications out of their control, it is up to the carrier to make a timely delivery. Brinkbridge will not be held responsible for any inconvenience arising from a carrier’s delay.

13.1 P.O.Box Delivery

Shipments can be delivered to most street addresses however, our carriers do not offer P.O.Box delivery at this time. In areas where street delivery is not possible, packages can be delivered to the nearest carrier service point where you can pick up your package.


14. External Links & Brand Logos

The Website may contain links and logos to pages that are neither owned nor controlled by Us. Unless otherwise stated, these logos and links are the property of their respective owners. Content displayed on these pages is controlled by their respective owners.

15. Modification & Notices

Occasionally We may, in Our discretion, make changes to these terms. When We make material changes to these terms, We will provide you with prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances either through Our Website or by email. In some cases We will notify you in advance, and your continued use of your Brinkbridge Account after these modifications will constitute your acceptance of these changes. You are solely responsible for reading these notices carefully. If you do not wish to continue using Our services after revision of terms, contact Our Support Team at support@brinkbridge.com to terminate your account. 

16. Service Alteration

Brinkbridge may alter or cease services at any moment with reasonable notification given to the user. We may temporarily or indefinitely cease services without assuming any liability to the user provided We complete processing of packages ordered and delivered prior to termination date.

17. Uncontrollable Events

You will not for any reason hold Brinkbridge liable to uncontrollable events, includes but not limited to; floods, hurricane, fire, tornado, earthquake, supernatural events, war, pandemonium, power cuts, utility & power disruption, damage to or loss of electronic data, political action or inaction whether known or unknown.

18. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify, endorse and hold Brinkbridge and all of its shareholders, executives, staff, associates and associate companies harmless from all claims, damages, losses, liability and expenses including sizable legal expenses incurred by Brinkbridge resulting from your use of Our services or Website. This includes but not limited to negligence or act of negligence on your part, false representations in obtaining Our services and falsifying of information regarding the value or contents of your package for export, as well as failure to comply with these terms of service.

19. Entire Agreement

Other than as stated in this section or as explicitly agreed upon in writing between you and Brinkbridge, this agreement constitutes all the terms and conditions agreed upon between you and Brinkbridge and supersede any prior agreements, whether written or oral.

20. Partial Invalidity

If any part or section of this document is deemed unenforceable by law, the stated section will be be deemed inapplicable without effect of to any other parts or sections.


Failure by you or Brinkbridge to enforce or exercise a right for any section of this agreement will be deemed a waiver thereof.

22. Headings.

Section headings in this document are solely meant for navigation and reference purposes and do not form part of this agreement.

23. Contact Us

If you have any question(s) concerning this agreement or Our services, please reach Us by navigating to the Contact Us section of Our Website.